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Learn how Sen Asia Restaurant In Hamburg achieved great success with the help of Restaurant Plus

This is a summarized version of the restaurant case study. The full restaurant website visit at: SEN Asia is great restaurant which has a perfect marketing strategies. In this post, you will get all the details you need to develop your business. Let’s discover below:

1. Restaurant Case Study: Driving traffic to the site

SEN Asia Restaurant found out that a lot of their potential customers are reaching restaurants by searching on Google as well as other search engines.

Hence, we invested a lot in SEO which is called Search Engine Optimization.

We chose niche keywords based on the restaurant menu and location and used them throughout in content and the page titles. We also got the SEO team to build links to his site to rank higher in the search results.

We also help them build a strong presence on Facebook for SEN Asia restaurant. We help the restaurant connect with customers by posting some pictures of the team behind-the-scenes.

We also posted the professional photos from Friday and Saturday nights on Facebook that allow customers to tag themselves and promote the restaurant as well.


marketing restaurant case study

2. Takeaway orders can be a good source of income for most restaurants.

Adding an online ordering is considered as an important feature on Sen Asia websites.

To help enhance awareness of the online order and takeaway service at Sen Asia, we added online order button and menu in the website where they can view menu and place orders.

Besides of direct customers who visit and eat at the restaurants, now SEN Asia can attract more customers who want to order food online.

food take away

3. Email Marketing & Loyal Customers

To promote SEN Asia website and build value database, we got the wait staff to ask every customer to join the restaurant VIP club and supply their email address. In return, customers got a free glass of wine, drink or coffee with their meal.

In order to get more customers in the quiet nights such as Tuesday and Wednesday night.

We offered special offers (eg. buy 2 get 1 free). Then, we send this offer via email newsletter to the database with the details of the week’s VIP nights and a call to action button ‘book your table now’ that link to the booking form on the website.

As a result, the open rates for these campaigns were very high. Because their customers love these offers. Soon we find the way to fulfill quietest nights that dramatically increase his profit.

We send out email invitations; thus, VIP customers could register online. All of the customers are encouraged to bring more guests so the restaurant could add more contacts to their database. Moreover, the events help to strengthen customer relations as well as brand promotion.

email marketing marketing restaurant case study

4. Word Of Mouth Marketing With Great Customer Journey

Sen Asia wanted to make it easier to promote their £5, £10 and £20 gift vouchers. We help them to show it on the Website and Facebook, Instagram too. Thanks to this vouchers, customers is much more engaged to their restaurant fanpage and website. Moreover, there are more and more people come to the restaurants using these coupon code.