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Top 20+ Restaurant Statistics & Trends You Should Know To Benefits Your Restaurants

All great restaurateurs may know that restaurant statistics & data is crucial to the growth of a restaurant. We believe that mastering your industrial data will be the key to get larger profits, faster growth, and run a more profitable restaurant.


As you may know, the most successful restaurants always find ways to standout from the competition. By keeping up with new emerging trends, you will find the opportunity to offer new experience and attract new customers with ease.


Let’s check out these 20+ industry statistics we’ve compiled to help you transition from 2020 into the new decade.

I. Restaurant Digital Marketing Statistics

  1. Digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.
  2. 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.
  3. 34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online.
  4. Over 67% people prefer to purchase on their mobile rather than a laptop or any other systems: Everyone knows how to operate a Smartphone & use many apps. So, it is very obvious people love their phone to purchase the products via mobile.
  5. As you may know, table reservation system is one of the fastest growing sector in food online ordering system. People are excited about eating food at their favorite restaurant with their beloved ones instead of getting disappointed when they end up reaching the hotel and see the restaurant doesn’t have a place. Thanks to increasing people eating food in restaurants and take away, people would be prepared to install an app for booking a table via smartphone as its easy and quick to Reserve.
  6. 69% of tablet owners make a monthly purchase online. More shoppers are than ever are checking a store website before heading out to the physical location.
  7. 90% of guests research a restaurant online before dining—more than any other business type.
  8. 52% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones, up from 50% in the previous year.

II. Restaurant Review Statistics

  1. 92% of consumers read restaurant reviews.
  2. 77% prefer peer reviews versus critic reviews.
  3. 33% would never eat a restaurant with less than four stars.

III. Restaurant Menu Statistics

  1.  79% of Millennials state that they enjoy experimenting with food from different cultures or countries.
  2. 86% of Millennials will try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content online.
  3. 77% of restaurant chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) identified cannabis/CBD-infused drinks as the number one trend in the restaurant industry right now.
  4. Vegan menu items are on the rise as Millennials and Gen Z become more health and environmentally conscious.
  5. And speaking of health-conscious, mocktails and alcohol-free spirits are gaining popularity as well.
  6. Japanese ingredients were big in 2019 and continue to rise—think miso, sake, kimchi, koji, and more.

IV. Restaurant Tech Statistics

  1. More than 80% of restaurants are turning to technology such as online ordering, reservation and inventory apps, and restaurant analytics—now more than ever to help them run their business successfully and efficiently.
  2. 41% of restaurants use, or will soon use, handheld server tablets.
  3. 68% of customers agree that using server tablets improve their experience.
*** Bonus ***
  1. 60% of retailers engage with customers through a loyalty app.

With online booking app consumers, they are feeling recognized and rewarded for their purchasing efforts. Retailers who aren’t continuously encouraging and cultivating the relationship with their customers likely will suffer retention issues which are getting resolved by Gift vouchers, Gifting services, Reward points for referring new Client, Bonus points for doing first purchase and also Birthday offers with which at least the app users can be increased to 80% in upcoming years within 2020.

  1. Free delivery or minimum delivery charge is the incentive online shoppers want most (88%).

Though free Delivery or Minimum delivery is what customers want most.

It’s not only about saving money matter. It’s about the perception of saving money, feeling like you snagged a deal.

It is better to give your customers free delivery within certain kilometer radius. It means that both Client and customer gets the benefit in which you can also arrange for pickup service and save time for the client.