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10+ Restaurant Marketing Strategies That BOOST Revenue in 2020

The competition has become fierce. Are you considering new marketing ideas or new restaurant marketing strategies for restaurant growth? In this post, I will show you top 10 best strategies for your restaurants that BOOST Revenue in 2020

1. Optimize Review Site Like Yelp and Google

According to a recent study, over 35% of the people that decide to eat, they go on and review sites before making that decision. It means that if you don’t pay attention to engage with your customer feedback & reviews, you are mission out alot of customers and potential people that will enjoy your food and beverage.

As you may know when people are deciding where to eat, there are three places that we often look at

  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Restaurant Media Platform
  3. Review Sites

Today, review sites play an important role in people making process. Just think about how you choose where to eat. You may searched up the restaurants on mobile and the first attraction is review site. You read it and if it is not good enough, then you will check the review of similar restaurants around the area. And when you click into it, you will see a 4.5 star and you see 3.5 star. And you read some comments and you realize that they actually have really cool offerings, but their services is not that great. But their owners reply to all them (great communication) and they have a legitimate reason why it is 3.5 stars. And in turn, you are going to be able to actually make that decision right there.

So if you have bad review, make sure you reply all to that. If you have good review, make sure you reply to that as well. In order to reply to bad review, you should make sure you acknowledge and  provide solution for that. Most importantly, let show your customers that you are not scared and you are confident in your food and services. An in turn, give your customers time to make their own decision.


To get more review for your restaurants, it is necessary to give your customers some incentives. For example, if they write right and honest review, you can offer something in return for them such as some appy, free drink, with desert, etc

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2. Have Eye catching, Professional Food Photo

Some restaurants actually skip out on this fact. They just take photograph of food and restaurant by phone then post it online. However, this itself doesn’t work in today age. As you can see, your customers always check online before making decision. On the Internet, many of your competitors  are trying to tempt customers to come by posting real and delicious photo. It is hard to compete with them if you just have normal photo.  So make sure you invest in a professional photos for Menu, Food, Interior, Staffing, etc

If you are wondering where to put them, we have several suggestion below:

  1. Website
  2. Review Site
  3. Social Media
  4. Marketing Campaign


You can recycle all of them and repurpose them for different usages. In that way, people are able to see how delicious your food looks. The more information they have, the faster they can make decision. Moreover, appealing photo can help you draw more customers. Hence, do not cheap out your professional pictures.

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3. Optimize Your Google My Business

When you have Google my business listing, you can show up very prominently right in the sidebar. It will show review ratings, your post and snippets about your business as well.

Here are 4 criteria to help you rank first on Google my business

  • Proximity
  • Category/ Keyword listing
  • Seo signal
  • Citation

Proximity means if you are a pizza restaurant and you are searching for a block away, your restaurant likely to be founded. If you are searching for 2 miles; generally restaurants closer to the searcher are going to show up first.

The second one is the business category you are assigned yourself that match keyword searchers are using. Seo signal can be mentioned such as Links, onpage optimization, etc.


As you may know, Google is favoriting all the business that have filled in all attributes. Below is some fields you should filled up with:

  • Be meticulous with contact information
  • Select primary and secondary categories
  • Mark off attributes
  • Complete “from the business” description
  • Publish Google posts frequently
  • Upload new photos weekly
  • Answer all the questions
  • Collect and respond & reviews
  • Add your products and/or services
  • Set up messaging fast
  • Maintain your Business Profile
google map restaurant marketing strategies

4. Word Of Mouth Marketing With Great Customer Journey

It is considered as one of the most important restaurant marketing strategies today. As usual, customers’ words are stronger than yours, which is the reason why you need to create an amazing customer journey and impress your customers every touchpoint.  Touchpoint means how people interact with your brand. It may from the moment they hear about your brand to the moment they search your brand online.

How does that look?

How does your review sites look?

How does your social media look?

How does your website look?

On each touchpoint, people would have a certain experience and feel for your food and beverage.  So it should be conflicted. Instead, it is wiser to optimize each touchpoint to get the best conversion possible.

Tips: It can be improved by experiencing real customers from the beginning. When you improve all of these touchpoints, you will allow your customers to praise how good of the experience. It also can allow you to improve in delivering better experiences, so on. This will become a flying wheel cycle

” The better experience you offer, the better word of mouth you will have”

” The better word of mouth, the more customers come to you “

5. Geo-targeted Ads

Most customers choose place to eat that close to their location that’s why you’ll get the most value by concentrating in geo-targeted ads. Geo-targeting ads help you save money and efforts because you just focus on users in certain cities or in specific radius see your ads (eliminating visitors who can’t reach you or non-relevant clicks).

Many online advertising services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, offer geo-targeting ad options (at no extra cost). Be sure to take advantage of these handy targeting features to get your best ads in front of your best customers.

6. Your Website & Your SEO

Why you need professional website?

As you know, when people are researching where to eat, they are going to check the review site, your social media, and they are going to your website too.

Supposing that they visit your site, they see your photo outdated, they see fiction. Even, they try to find your location, but they can’t figure it out. They want to check your offer but it is out of date. They want to order food to reserve a table but your website doesn’t show how to do it.

” Difficult Finding Information” can lead to ” Unpleasant Experience”

It means that they are going to check something else. As a result, they are going to eat at your competitor restaurants over you.

One more important is that this is a good chance to impress your customers.

While you spend tens thousand dollars on renovating your interior, why don’t you invest a few hundred dollars on your website

If you are considering about what you should include in your site. Here are some suggestions you may find useful:

  • Your menu
  • Your direction
  • Contact info
  • Table reservation
  • Online order & food deliver(if you have)


Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly. Many and many people use the phone to find where to eat. Thus, when they check it by phone, it needs to be shown perfectly.

What is Seo?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

When someone searches some term on Google such as ” Best Restaurant in new york” then the ACB website will appear because they put some term ” Best restaurant in New York” into their site. That’s one of the factors you should do to rank first on Google search. If you confuse how to do SEO for your website. Let’s consult a Seo expert. They will help you to rank better for some important keywords such as

  • Your restaurant name
  • Specific cuisine
  • Anything relevant to you and your site

Seo allows you to show up more to your customers, and reach potential customers as well.

The more people visit your site and the more people have a pleasant experience, they are going to convert into your customers

To sum up, don’t oversee the importance of having a professional website and SEO

restaurant marketing strategies seo

7. Show Your Awards & Accolades On Website, Social Media

Why? Let see how it works

If you have won and awards, certificate, any publications, or accolades. Some restaurants make the mistake of not boasting their accolades whether it is local publication or very little award. You should tell the world about it because everyone loves to associate with the best.

Everyone wants their status uplift. They also want to bring friends and family to wine and dine in the best place. That’s the reason why you should show the best at something. Let’s do it and see how much it can turn a lot of potential customers into actual paying customers.

8. Promote User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way to create engagement with users. There are some ways to create user-generated content. For example, you can host a photo contest by asking customers to share their favorite meal and share their moments at your restaurant or share submissions across various social networks.

Moreover, to attract them to take part in the contest, you can consider awarding some random lucky contestants with a free appetizer, free delivery, some discount or some special favor in your restaurants!

Moreover, hosting user-generated content not only shows customers that you appreciate them, but it also turns visitors into your fan and your loyal customers

Tips: Here are some tips on running a successful contest on social media:

  • Define objective, type, and timing
  • Write rules in clear, plain and easy to take
  • Use a stunning image for your contest
  • Make your content mobile-friendly
  • Incentivize the sharing of your contest
  • Add an urgency factor to your contest

9. Connect your front-of-house to your website with live chat

Have you ever seen any website with a little live chat pop up at the corner?

Live chat helps you fast communicate with customers online. You love texting your friends, so why not do the same with businesses?

Moreover, potential customers can ask questions and you can grab those important moments directly from the chatbox and convert visitors into customers.

This is one of the best ways to get diners interacting with you, and your competitors probably aren’t doing. So use it to stand out and engage more customers

10. Focus On Customer Loyalty Program

All restaurants want customers to come back more and more. hence, loyalty program is always one of the main parts of restaurant marketing too

As you may know, loyalty often results from customer experience in your restaurant: great food, enjoyable interior, services, etc.

Besides, you can encourage loyalty through loyalty programs. It is possible to setup the whole thing in house or cooperate with an app provider that deals specifically with loyalty

In short, restaurant marketing strategies and advertising ideas is a good way to get more customers. Most importantly, you need to put these restaurant marketing tips to good use!

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